Writing Success at the Lower School

posted 13 Jul 2021, 05:33 by Nicky Woolley

Pupil, Emily, entered the Young Writers Competition and was one of the few chosen to have her story published! Here are our copies of the books featuring 'The Mystery of the Woodland Deaths' by our very own Roach End Author!!
Amazing! Well Done Emily - Keep it up.

Sports Day at the Lower School

posted 8 Jul 2021, 01:44 by Nicky Woolley

Trip to the Farm

posted 6 Jul 2021, 02:58 by Nicky Woolley

Pupils enjoyed a trip to the farm, where they got to meet a variety of different animals.

First Aid and CPR

posted 29 Jun 2021, 01:21 by Nicky Woolley

Pupils at the Lower School have been learning basic first aid and CPR.  All pupils engaged well and will hopefully remember some of their learning, if and when an emergency situation occurs.


posted 22 Jun 2021, 03:50 by Nicky Woolley   [ updated 6 Jul 2021, 02:54 ]

At the L:ower School we have introduced the 'ROCKIN' READER' award.  Every week staff are keeping a look out for who has worked REALLY hard with their reading.  The winner gets to visit a local book store in Leek to choose a book of their choice.

Fun Times at the Lower School

posted 22 Jun 2021, 03:43 by Nicky Woolley   [ updated 22 Jun 2021, 12:03 ]

Education in the Woods

posted 22 Jun 2021, 03:37 by Nicky Woolley   [ updated 22 Jun 2021, 04:06 ]

Pupils continue to enjoy our Education in the Woods Sessions.  Working hard to develop the area.


posted 22 Jun 2021, 03:33 by Nicky Woolley   [ updated 22 Jun 2021, 04:09 ]

Pupils enjoyed a trip out on bikes.  They learnt about road safety and how to look after themselves and each other. Pupils have also learnt how to fix bikes and make them road worthy.

Nurture Session - Pancake Creation

posted 22 Jun 2021, 03:09 by Nicky Woolley

In todays Nurture Session, Pupils at the Lower School enjoyed creating pancakes, using a variety of fruits.  Great fun was had by all.  YUM, YUM!

Craft - a -noon!

posted 14 May 2021, 06:13 by Nicky Woolley   [ updated 14 May 2021, 07:24 ]

Pupils at the Lower School enjoyed an afternoon using recyclable materials to produce funny wooden faces. 

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