Craft - a -noon!

posted 14 May 2021, 06:13 by Nicky Woolley   [ updated 14 May 2021, 07:24 ]

Pupils at the Lower School enjoyed an afternoon using recyclable materials to produce funny wooden faces. 

Nurture Sessions

posted 11 May 2021, 10:31 by Nicky Woolley   [ updated 11 May 2021, 10:33 ]

Pupils enjoyed a Nurture Session involving a variety cross curricular outcomes using Knex as a facilitator.  Alfie was was extremely pleased with his football pitch creation!

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Story Time with Becky

posted 11 May 2021, 10:27 by Nicky Woolley   [ updated 11 May 2021, 10:27 ]

Pupils at the Lower School enjoying a Story during a
Nurture Session.

Music Lessons

posted 7 May 2021, 03:53 by Nicky Woolley

New pupil Troy enjoyed his first music lesson.  Music teacher, John,  is looking forward to working with him as already he is demonstrating a natural flair for music.

DIY - Reading Area

posted 7 May 2021, 03:47 by Nicky Woolley

Pupils at the Lower School are helping to create a new reading area in the classroom.  All hands are on deck.  Can't wait to share the finished area with everyone - photos to foll
ow - watch this space!

Young Writers - Wow! Amazing!

posted 6 May 2021, 01:50 by Nicky Woolley

Teacher, Lucy, at the Lower School encouraged pupils to enter a writing competition.  This required them to write a short story using no more than 100 words (a pretty difficult task!). 
We are delighted to announce that pupil Emily has been chosen to have her story published in an actual book!
We are so proud of her and will hopefully have a copy of the book very soon to share with everyone.

Reward Trip - Hoo Farm and Dinosaur World!

posted 27 Apr 2021, 06:31 by Nicky Woolley

Four pupils have enjoyed a reward trip to Hoo Farm and Dinosaur World for an 'Animal Keeper Experience'.  They got to meet, handle, bath and feed a variety of different animals such as Lemurs, Meerkats, tortoise, hedgehogs and snakes. Great fun was had by all.

Education in the Woods

posted 20 Apr 2021, 05:52 by Nicky Woolley   [ updated 20 Apr 2021, 06:25 ]

We are currently developing our very own Education in the Woods Project.  Pupils and staff are enjoying learning all about our natural environment. Watch this space for more to come!  Teaching Assistant, Becky is currently completing her Level 3 Forest School Award.

Spring is in the Air!

posted 20 Apr 2021, 05:51 by Nicky Woolley

Pupil, Emily, enjoying the the beauty of Spring welcoming the birth of a new lamb.

Mental Health First Aider

posted 19 Apr 2021, 05:45 by Nicky Woolley   [ updated 19 Apr 2021, 05:50 ]

Teacher, Emma Hunt has qualified as a Mental Health First Aider.  She shared her new knowledge by delivering a training session to the rest of the team.
Well Done Emma

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