Ukraine Fundraising Day

posted 24 Mar 2022, 09:01 by Deb Jackson   [ updated 25 Mar 2022, 07:18 ]

In support of the people of Ukraine the pupils at Roaches Upper held a Ukraine Fundraiser.

All items delivered by a grateful team

Living Eggs

posted 21 Mar 2022, 05:29 by Nicky Woolley   [ updated 21 Mar 2022, 05:37 ]

Living Eggs came to Lower School, Evergreen and Parkgate School.  The pupils and staff at each school have enjoyed a visit from Living Eggs - a Ready to Hatch two week comprehensive programme providing all you need to hatch chicks.

Pupils have witnessed chicks hatching from their eggs.  It was an amazing experience and enjoyed by all.

Tree Planting

posted 8 Mar 2022, 07:32 by Nicky Woolley   [ updated 28 Mar 2022, 04:35 by Deb Jackson ]

A massive thank you to the Woodland Trust and The Tree Council, who have donated a large number of trees for us to plant with the pupils at the Roaches School.  The pupils have thoroughly enjoyed planting the trees and we look forward to watching them grow.

Panto - Buxton Theatre

posted 14 Dec 2021, 03:06 by Nicky Woolley

Pupils and staff from the Lower School, Evergreen School and Parkgate School joined together to enjoy a performance of Aladdin with glittering stage sets, colourful dance routines and unforgettable comedy moments, at the  fabulous Buxton Opera House.  

Blue Planet Aquarium

posted 25 Nov 2021, 07:06 by Nicky Woolley

On Tuesday, students and staff at the lower school went for a school trip at Blue Planet Aquarium in Ellesmere Port. We chose to go here as our Autumn topic is 'The Deep Blue Sea.' The students enjoyed seeing and learning about all different types of sea creatures including Starfish, Seahorses, Tortoises and Sharks (especially Betty the Shark!)

Our younger students enjoyed a classroom session learning about 'What lives under the water?' Did you know that an Octopus has nine brains?

Our older students enjoyed a classroom session learning about 'Jawsome Sharks' They learnt lots of different facts about various sharks including the Sharks at the aquarium.

After our classroom sessions, we enjoyed watching a diving show where divers swam around the tank and fed the different fish in there and the Sting Rays. 

Our students loved their trip out stating that their favourite part was seeing the different types of sharks. They were all FIN-TASTIC!

Lower School Wednesday morning 'Chain Challenge'

posted 25 Nov 2021, 06:43 by Nicky Woolley   [ updated 25 Nov 2021, 06:46 ]

As part of our morning Nurture session, we attempted a 'Chain Challenge.' Students and staff had to all hold hands and walk from the bottom of the Roach End Farm drive to Bearstone Rock without breaking the chain. When students and staff arrived at Bearstone Rock, the person at the start of the chain had to touch the nose of the Bearstone Rock and spread the chain out. The person at the end of the chain had to look for 'the prize.' Luckily, the prize was found and the students enjoyed chewing on a Wham bar.

Halloween Cafe Charity Event

posted 9 Nov 2021, 13:18 by Nicky Woolley   [ updated 25 Mar 2022, 06:55 by Deb Jackson ]

The pupils at the Roaches Lower decided they wanted to give something back and chose to raise money for a little girl who was diagnosed with SMA before the age of one.  This illness has an extremely low survival rate with almost 100% of those diagnosed dying before reaching their 2nd birthday.  Hune is now almost 5 years old.  Her family are raising money to buy power assisted wheels to go with her wheelchair to help her move around easier.  The children at the Lower School organised a Halloween themed cafe where we invited friends, family and carers to join us with cake, coffee and a raffle.  We are really pleased to share that we have raised £710 to donate to this family 
.What an amazing event!
We look forward to holding further events to help support Hune and her family. 

Welcome to our Reading Pals

posted 9 Nov 2021, 12:54 by Nicky Woolley

Pupils welcomed our Reading Pals to the Lower School.  We are looking forward to sharing our reading books with them. 

Charity Bake Sale for Young Minds.

posted 13 Oct 2021, 01:56 by Matt Wilson

The Spring Valley boys got busy on Friday and made over 40 pounds for young minds on World Mental Health Day.  

Spring Valley's Newest recruit

posted 30 Sept 2021, 06:03 by Matt Wilson   [ updated 30 Sept 2021, 06:04 ]

Introducing Lucas, our newest member of Spring Valley. 

Lucas is enjoying maths puzzles.

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