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Seaside Trips

posted 13 Jul 2018, 03:52 by Emily Faulkner


Upper School Sports Day!

posted 13 Jul 2018, 02:40 by Emily Faulkner

Guess who lost AGAIN!! Unlucky Amanda :)

Tru Ninja!!

posted 13 Jul 2018, 02:25 by Emily Faulkner

Upper School were invited to Tru Ninja this week. Staff and kids loved it! Bailey was smashing challenges set by the Tru Ninja staff! Well Done Bailey!!

Outdoor Ed Sessions

posted 3 Jul 2018, 06:06 by Emily Faulkner



Kebab Making

posted 3 Jul 2018, 03:57 by Emily Faulkner


Students at Upper School enjoyed making kebabs as part of their cooking lesson :)

Year 11 Trips

posted 3 Jul 2018, 03:49 by Emily Faulkner



Year 11's enjoyed a day at Rudyard Kayaking!!
  Jack and Sol at Festival Park Dry Ski Slope
   Conkers Train and Barefoot Walk

Lower School Sports Day

posted 2 Jul 2018, 04:55 by Nicky Woolley   [ updated 2 Jul 2018, 09:40 ]

 A glorious day had by all from the Lower School, Evergreens and Upper School for this years sports day!

Kayaking at Rudyard

posted 21 Jun 2018, 01:10 by Nicky Woolley

The Lower Roaches pupils have enjoyed  kayaking at Rudyard. All of the pupils had a great time on the water. Reuben preferred to stay on dry land and he enjoyed exploring the area surrounding the lake instead!

Stanley Head 04/06/18

posted 20 Jun 2018, 01:08 by Nicky Woolley   [ updated 20 Jun 2018, 01:10 ]

The pupils of Roaches Lower School have enjoyed a day of activities at Stanley Head. The pupils enjoyed canoeing and archery, with all of the children enjoying the day.

D&T Greek Pots

posted 16 May 2018, 06:36 by Nicky Woolley

Pupils have been studying Greek Pottery and had a go at designing their own pots based on their interests.  Bailey's design is based on football and coloured using the traditional colours of Greek pttery

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