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posted 19 Jun 2013, 07:40 by Matt Wilson   [ updated 19 Jun 2013, 07:43 ]
It's Lower School sports day on Friday and we're being blessed with light rain showers according to Mr Met Office.  However, we at The Roaches School are undeterred and the show will go on at all costs.  Upper School have a 'Mini Beast' visit tomorrow and we have already been warned to expect the random release of snakes onto the main site ;) We also have a sealife centre visit on 3rd July where the children will be invited to swim with sharks (possibly).
In other news, GG and CK have college interviews on 24th June (good luck lads!),  Jo and Lou and have their graduate teacher final assessment on 1st July (good luck ladies!) and it's year 11 camp between 8th - 10th July (good luck with the weather folks!). 
Don't forget it's the school concert on 19th July and we'll be inviting the Lady Mayoress of Biddulph and John Robinson the town crier as always. John was poorly last time so fingers crossed he'll be able to make an appearance this time.  We miss his dulcet tones!
Finally, the year 11's have a prom night on 11th July; hankies at the ready.
More updates soon