Upper School (Satis House, St. Johns and Catskill)

Upper School caters for Key Stages 3 and 4 children, both residential and day pupils (ages 12 to 16).

The aim is to provide the Children with a nurturing environment where they feel safe, secure and valued and their views are listened to and considered, where they can develop both emotionally and academically.

In Key Stage 3 we provide a broad and balanced curriculum pitched at the right level for the pupils, with the aim to give them a foundation on which to build through to their GCSE and BTEC qualifications in order to provide them an opportunity and start in life which they previously have not been given.

In Key Stage 4 we provide core and optional subjects for the pupils to gain both GCSE and BTEC qualifications. BTEC qualifications provide the opportunity for students to gain the equivalent of between 1 and 4 GCSE's.