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About Us

In October 2013 the school was awarded their first "Outstanding" by Ofsted and in the next two rounds of Ofsted visits we again achieved "Outstanding".  

The Roaches School is a Residential Special School (DfE Reg.No. SS/860/6017) with two main sites.The emphasis throughout is the provision of quality care and education. 

Ofsted say: 

"The quality of the teaching is outstanding and pupils overwhelmingly agree".

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The School, as a whole, accommodates up to 58 pupils, including day pupils, between the ages of 5-16 on a long or short term basis in a variety of accommodation, both on and off site. It's specialism is caring for and educating children and young people who have severe emotional and/or behavioural difficulties as well as a history of failed placements.

The children are taught through a broad and balanced practical curriculum which takes full advantage of the Peak District Park and excellent local amenities. The School's KS1 & 2 site is situated in the National Park itself and the KS3 & 4 site has the National Park within easy access. Outdoor activities with trained instructors are a specialist feature of the School.

The programmes of education, care and behaviour modification are based on the existence and maintenance of an atmosphere and culture within which children and their families, (where appropriate) are able to feel secure enough to begin to explore the reasons underpinning their difficulties.

All children at the school undergo a system of educational assessment and regular review resulting in Individual Education Plans geared to the specific needs of each child.

A unique feature of the school is it's network of registered Community Houses (1 - 4 beds) which allows a planned progression from residence on the main school buildings to fostering/return to home. Children are able to experience community living at a pace that is controlled by their individual progress while still receiving the benefits of the approved education provision.


The school opened in 1995 and is part of Care Today, which was founded by Dr. Sean Fitzpatrick and Ellen Fitzpatrick. The Roaches School believes in equality of opportunity for every child. and encourages children to flourish in their ideals and ambitions, offering an environment that promotes freedom of expression.

The Roaches Therapeutic Community has evolved from an ambition to ensure that young people from all sectors of education are offered the best possible chance to engage fully with schooling.  A model for the best ambitions of education, care and therapy has developed into the national philosophy of The Roaches Therapeutic Network.

The Network prides itself on offering high quality teachers, therapists and residential care professionals to address the needs of complex children in a family oriented environment.

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