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Welcome to roaches School network

Roaches School Network Aims and Mission

Our Mission is to become a Centre of Excellence in meeting the educational, social and welfare needs of our children, through the creation of a caring and supportive "family" atmosphere. Whenever possible we aim to facilitate the reintegration of our pupils into mainstream education.

We aim...

  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum, with proactive care and education plans that enable the children to achieve their goals and maximise potential.

  • To support children who find learning difficult and nurture a love of learning and of life.

  • To create an attractive and secure anti discriminatory environment within the buildings and around the grounds.

  • To ensure that each child is valued as an individual, is aware of his/her fellow beings, assumes responsibility for his/her own actions, and is prepared to make a worthwhile contribution to the School community.

  • To praise and celebrate achievement.

Here's what people have to say about us!

I could write a million things but I still don't think that would be enough. I wish I could give you the world like you did for me when you gave me my baby back. You are the most remarkable people I have ever met and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help, support and love. To the world you may just be teachers but to the Smith family you are HEROES!


All our love Kelly, Paul, Josh, Evie and family (July 2019)

Words cannot express how lucky Josh is to have you all as his education staff. You are all a lot more than that to us. Your time, energy, and support in good times and bad has meant the world to us as a family. Josh is coming on leaps and bounds and it's through your commitment and care he has been able to develop into the cheeky young man he is...

Looking forward to next year when this can continue. He will save up hugs over the summer, be ready! Love you all, than you. Have a fantastic summer.

Love Ruth, Josh and family (July 2017)

.My son has been attending the Roaches School for four years. During this time he has been in full time education where previously he had been excluded from two mainstream placements. His self esteem and confidence were very low prior to attending the Roaches. He had attempted suicide at 7 years old and often stated he wished he was dead. Since attending the Roaches his confidence has excelled, his behaviour has improved dramatically and he is much happier with himself - he likes himself. This wouldn't have happened without the support from all the staff at the Roaches who I have regular contact with, and offer support not only to my son but to us as a family. I feel that if my son had remained in the mainstream school he would not have received a fulltime education or the support required for his condition. I would recommend the Roaches School to any family who have a child who requires a lot of extra support with not only their education but also their social and emotional needs and general wellbeing.

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