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Here you can find downloads for policies, reports, and other documents

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Policy
Special Education Needs Policy
Old Sams Safeguarding
Lower Pastures Safeguarding
Attendance Policy
Keeping children safe in education 2022 part one
Spring Valley Pre-Registration Report 2021
Spring Valley Holiday and Inset Schedule 2021-2022
Spring Valley Accessibility Plan 2021-2024
Roaches School Ofsted Report 2018
Roaches School Ofsted Report 2014
Roaches School Ofsted Report 2010
Roaches School Ofsted Report 2008
Roaches School Accessibility Plan 2020-2023
Old Sams Ofsted Report 2014
Lower Pastures Ofsted Report 2016
Evergreen Middle Ofsted Report 2017
Evergreen Middle Accessibility Plan
Bradshaw Farm Ofsted Report 2018
Bradshaw Farm Ofsted Report 2014
Bradshaw Farm Accessibility Plan
Working Together to Safeguard Children
Special Education Needs Code of Practice
Roaches School Prospectus
School Network Calendar 2021-2022
Science Policy
Safeguarding Policy
Numeracy Policy
History Policy
Gaming Club Policy
Computing Policy
Art and Design Policy
Teaching Assistant Policy
Risk Assessment Policy
Recruitment Procedure
Newly Qualified Teacher Policy
Modern Languages Policy
Medical Needs, Food, and Obesity Policy
Low Level Concern Policy
Lockdown Policy
Literacy Policy
Health and Safety Policy
First Aid Policy
Exclusion Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
Emotional Health Policy
English as an Additional Language Policy
Data Protection Policy
Curriculum Policy
Complaints Policy
Code of Conduct
Careers Policy
Behaviour Policy
Asthma Policy
Assessment Policy
Anti-bullying Policy
Admission Policy: Education
New Starter Induction Checklist
Keeping children safe in education
Inspecting non-association independent schools
COVID-19 Safeguarding Addendum March 2020
Parkgate Middle Accessibility Plan
Visitors Policy and Procedure
Risk Assessment - Contact Visits
Risk Assessment - Behaviour Management
Lower Pastures Accessibility Plan 2020-2023
Lower Pastures Ofsted Report 2018
Old Sams Accessibility plan 2020-2023
Old Sams Ofsted Report 2018
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